Contact us to get a chance to see, feel and touch the perfect combination of nature and technology of Naturtec Floorboards.

About Naturtec

Naturtec stands out in the market as a high quality wood floor. Developed by Aji Industria de Madeiras, by professional wood experts, it was later tested by LNEC. After several tests, such as water and heat, it was found that Naturtec fulfills what it promises: It is the most stable floor in the Portuguese market, with the added value of being a national product.

Currently the Naturtec brand is positioned in the market for luxury works. Seeking to increase the potential of this floor, the brand has developed tools to develop a custom finish.

The architect or contractor can choose not only the desired specie of wood, but also the width, texture and colors. In the area of ​​natural oil, you can highlight the quality of the floor and your wood by applying natural oil, you can choose from one of our 40 premium colors or you can even create a combination.

In the color matching process you will have at your disposal reactive, pre-colors and 40 natural oil colors, resulting in hundreds of possibilities.

Create your Naturtec One. The One & Only.

Laboratory Naturtec

We invite you to visit our lab to enjoy the experience of creating your own finish.

In our lab we have the colors, pre-colors and reagents that you can combine to create your unique finish.

Located next to the factory that produces our top quality floor, you can experience and observe the results of our various colored oils in various wood species such as National pine, European oak, Sucupira, Riga pine, among others.

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Stop by our lab to try out for yourself our possible combinations.

Naturtec flooring was developed and is currently produced by the company Aji Indústria de Madeiras. This company is made up of wood specialists who share their passion for this natural element. The company already has 30 years of experience and in addition to Naturtec flooring, Aji Madeiras (as it is also known) receives the wood and prepares it for construction and carpentry, produces pallets, solid floor, deck and also produces profiling (staves, baseboards, trimmings etc). Aji Indústria de Madeiras owns another brand, Poligna - Polished Carpentry, which through rigorous industrial processes produces high quality and detailed carpentry.

Our proximity to the floor production enhances the quality of our product and the service we can offer you. The close relationship we have with the factory allows us to enter the field of experimentation and customisation without costing our product. Naturtec floor is a premium floor, with extreme quality and a high level of stability of difficult reach. Its production in central Portugal, allows us to easily respond to the four corners of the national mainland.

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Contact us to get a chance to see, feel and touch the perfect combination of nature and technology of Naturtec Floorboards.